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Edwardian Deckchairs

Edwardian Deckchairs
Edwardian Deckchairs with Canopy and Footstool
Our traditional Edwardian style canopied deckchairs with footstool are made from Grade A Teak
Each edwardian deckchair is covered to order in your choice of fabric, and we add pompom fringe if you wish at no extra charge.
Our beautiful Teak Traditional Deckchairs  may also be purchased separately, without a canopy and footstool.
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An Edwardian deckchair makes a wonderful Gift
More Edwardian Deckchairs arriving Spring 2022

Ordering instructions

More Edwardian Deckchairs arriving Spring 2022 - if you would like to be notified of their arrival please Contact Us

Edwardian Deckchairs

More Edwardian Deckchairs arriving Spring 2022

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Canopied Edwardian Deckchairs

Our new Edwardian style deckchairs are made of Grade A Indonesian Teak, specially designed by us, the Stripes Company and made for us by a foremost Indonesian manufacturer.

The wood is a beautiful warm-coloured and even grain from managed teak plantations and carved by traditional craftsmen using knowledge passed down through the generations from father to son.
Our buyers have personally visited the workshops in Indonesia to check production and that high standards of employment and Health and Safety values are upheld at all times.

Our Edwardian deckchairs with canopy and footstool are beautifully robust and although based on folding campaign furniture of the late 19th and early 20th Century, made with modern usage in mind.
Each edwardian deckchair is covered to order from any of our Deckchair canvas patterns and comes boxed for dispatch with no additional work necessary - your stylish deckchair with canopy and footstool comes ready to be sat upon and enjoyed!

How to look after Canopied Edwardian Deckchairs

We do not recommend leaving your edwardian deckchair outside as the covers are not weatherproof - folding deck chairs are easily transported inside and stored at the first sign of inclement weather.
Perfect for summer weather outdoors, garden rooms and conservatories - but please be aware that our bright colours will fade quicker if left in strong sunlight.

Vintage Style Deckchairs with Canopy and Footstool made from grade A Teak

Please note - These are specially made up for you upon ordering

We makeup your bespoke canopy and footstool by hand to order so delivery will be 7 to 14 working days.

Canopy Trim
Please select from the Canopy Pompom Choice Box

You can select AS PICTURED (we will choose for you) or NO POMPOMS or choose your favourite pompom colour if you prefer.
We recommend our 1.5cm multi colour bobble fringes / single colour bobble fringes  although you can have our larger 2.5cm pompoms if desired.
Please note that if you add a headrest to your chair they can only have 1.5cm pompom trim, so if you want them to match the canopy you need to choose from those ranges.

Each Edwardian deckchair has two holes drilled into the top for the addition of the canopy when needed.
The canopy bolts into the holes with a butterfly nut and washers included to tighten and adjust the height.
The footstool has two curved metal hooks which just rest on the deckchair and a folding support bar.

Each chair arrives boxed and ready for use for you to put up and enjoy.

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Our Edwardian Deckchairs make wonderful Gifts for someone special 

Edwardian Deckchairs with Canopy and Footstool
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