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Striped Roman Blinds

Striped Roman Blinds

Made to Measure Striped Roman Blinds - individually made to suit your requirements in any of our range of interior striped fabrics.

Please see Ordering Instructions below

Here at The Stripes Company we know that custom made Striped Roman Blinds can bring an array of fantastic colours to any room whilst also offering the ability to let light in conveniently and stylishly. Our striped versions retain the desirable and classic pleated effect that only Roman blinds can offer when drawn up and, of course, lots of stripes when closed. What’s more, our unique blinds can be playfully trimmed with fluffy pom-poms - if you’re that way inclined!

Striped Roman Blinds

Roman Blind Ordering instructions

We are now starting to take orders for Roman Blinds again, so please send us your details and blind measurements in the form below and we will send you a quote.
Please note delivery may be up to 4 weeks from order placement.

Use our simple 4 step ordering process.

Choose the fabric for your Roman Blind - if you haven't chosen yet, choose your Striped Fabric here
We take your initial measurements, based on the illustration opposite and the notes below (please READ)
We call you back to confirm your measurements and take your payment during office hours (if possible at a preferred time given by you)
Your blinds are made at our Chester Workshop and delivered to you

That's it!

Please complete the form below using the guide opposite and we will reply with a quotation.
All quotations received must be throroughly checked by the customer before orders are placed as we are unable to accept responsibility for incorrect measurements or information.

 Name *
 Fabric Choice
 Blind Type
 Width in cms
Drop in cms
 Phone Number *
 Preferred time/method of contact *

Notes on Measuring your blinds

Roman Blinds may sit either inside or outside a window frame or recess

It is important that you make a decision before measuring which is the best treatment for your window.

If you have any queries please call us on 01244 336387 during office hours 10-5 mon-fri.

Please measure in Centimetres as accurately as possible from the lines marked on the diagrams and double check your results as we are unable to accept responsibility or refund for blinds that are incorrect due to inaccurate measurements received.

In addition we need the measurement from the top of the blind down to the floor.
see Child Safety Regulations

Child Safety Regulations : Download Child Safety Regulations

Due to new compulsory legislation regarding protection from strangulation we now need the measurement from where the top of the blind will be attached, down to the floor so the length of the operating chain can be made compliant and we can ensure new regulations are adhered to :

1. The bottom loop of the chain must be at least 150cm above the floor

2. The chain loop must be secured using the retainer supplied

3. The appropriate labels must remain attached to both the chain loop and retainer.

We line all our roman blinds for better protection and drape - also to protect from sunlight fading as standard.

Your Roman Blind will be fully strung and sidewinders may be either on the left or right hand side of the blind.

Maximum width for Roman Blind - 240 cms
For blinds over 135 cms width, there will be a vertical join in the fabric (as it is a striped fabric this is usually hard to detect!)

Roman Blind Prices

1 width (up to 137cm wide):
  • X up to 137cm drop = £ 243.00
  • X up to 180cm drop = £ 266.00
  • X up to 240cm drop = £ 291.00
2 widths (137cm to 240cm):
  • X up to 137cm drop = £ 325.00
  • X up to 180cm drop = £ 355.00
  • X up to 240cm drop = £ 390.00
Optional Extras:
  • Blackout Lining 1 width = £30
  • Blackout Lining 2 widths = £50
  • Interlining per width = £15
  • Pompom Trim + Stitching per width = £15

Stripe Roman Blind with Pompom Trim
stripe roman blind

Dominoes Stripe with Gliding Pompom Fringe

Origami Striped Roman Blind
stripe roman blind with bobble trim

Foxtrot Striped Roman Blind
striped roman blind with pom poms

Striped Roman Blinds - How to Measure your Windows for Roman Blinds

1. Roman Blind above window frame

2. Roman Blind on window frame

3. Roman Blind inside window frame

4. Roman Blind set inside deepset window frame

Chequers Stripe Roman Blind
stripe roman blind with bobble trim

Grey Striped Roman Blind
grey stripe roman blind

Black Striped Roman Blind - Ninjitsu Fabric with Tugowar Bobble Fringe
black stripe roman blind with pompom fringe

Striped Roman Blinds – made with Italian passion

Roman blinds look wonderful with their trademark pleated profile sitting neatly above the window as they let the light flood in. What a pleasant place ancient Rome might have been if they had just added some of our striped Roman blinds around the place! Luckily we’re here to put that right. Pronto!
Naturally our Roman blinds come in our trademark rainbow of shimmering, stripy tones ranging from muted pastels, summery water colours through to bold statement tints that will match any home’s decorative mood.

Which Striped Roman Blind?

With a huge range to choose from there’s bound to be a colour combination that will bring some Italian style and Mediterranean flair to your home. Our blinds are easy to fit and use and are made to your individual measurements so they can be installed easily and quickly. Once fitted they’re simple to operate and will always look great. Pretty soon you’ll be able to sit back in your favourite chair with a nice glass of Chianti and a bowl of olives and enjoy the special ambience only a striped Roman blind can create.

Mi amore: Striped Roman Blinds

If you’re passionate about colour and love classic, simple design then our blinds have it all. Here at The Stripes Company we think our technicolour version is a brilliant alternative to Venetian and roller blinds and provide a sophisticated approach to managing the light and colour in your home. So whether they’re for a large house, an Italian villa, childs bedroom or just a simple loft apartment the addition of some well-chosen stripey blinds will add real design appeal to your room. So why not enjoy a splash of brilliant stripy colour for when you decide to shut out the world, put on some Pavarotti and imagine you’re enjoying an espresso in a sun drenched Roman piazza as you spend some ‘you time’ relaxing in your beautiful home.

Looking for Roller Blinds? Unfortunately we no longer make roller blinds but we can supply our Striped Fabrics, which are suitable for making them.

We can also make for you in your chosen fabrics

Choose your own colour combinations and trims with our made to measure Mix and Match Soft Furnishings

We can now make Striped Roman Blinds in any of our 100% yarn dyed cotton Striped Fabrics for you!

They can be trimmed in any of our Pompom Bobble Fringes

If you have any queries please call us on 01244 336387 during office hours 10-5 mon-fri.

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