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Petanque Deckchair Canvas 45 cm

Turquoise Deckchair Canvas Fabric - Petanque Stripe

Petanque is a 46 cms wide wovebn cotton fabric suitable for recovering deckchairs & directors chairs. Tack this turquoise and terracotta deckchair canvas on to your existing deckchair using upholstery nails - 1.5 metres for a standard deckchair

Striking turquoise blues and terracotta with narrow clean green stripes.

turquoise, terracotta, blue - lime, bottle green stripes

Ordering instructions

You will need approx 1.5 metres deckchair canvas to recover a standard Deckchair / Directors Chair or 3 metres for 2 chairs

Turquoise Deckchair Canvas Fabric - Petanque Stripe

turquoise, terracotta, blue - Deckchair Canvas | Deckchair Fabrics | Striped Deck Chair Fabrics

£14.50 per metre

Approx 1.5 metres is required to re-cover a standard deckchair or 3 metres for 2 chairs
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Give your Deckchair or Directors Chair a new lease of life

100% Woven Cotton

45cms width unless otherwise stated in product description.
Multiples of one colour come as a complete length - if you have more than one deckchair, try covering them in different clashing colours!

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Please read the FAQs about our 100% cotton fabrics

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Petanque Swatch Deckchair Canvas 45cm

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Turquoise Deckchair Canvas Fabric - Petanque Stripe

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